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The iPhone X is an amazing phone however Apple are discontinuing it due Apple no wanting it to compete with their new range of phones.  So is the iPhone X still available,  carriers will still sell these phone up until stock runs out.

I love the iPhone X and the design is gorgeous with a stainless steel frame a glass back,  but be careful you don’t drop it.  With the border-less screen the notch on the phone has re-invented the mobile phone market.

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Iphone X | iBuyanyPhones.com

The iPhone X looks brilliant except for streaming video with the notch being quite intrusive but you can get used to it overtime.  The iPhone X has a resolution of 1125  x 2436 (458 pixels per inch) with a retina screen makes it one of the best on the market.  Because the display is made by Samsung it really does look amazing.  Photos and videos look absolutely great.

The battery is it’s weakest link with only 2768 milli-amp hours,  which is hard to get you through the whole day.  The iphone x is extremely fast anything you throw at this it will cope with.  With the IOS combined it makes this phone extremely fluid.  Looking at the Geek Bench score the iPhone X is still way ahead of the other smart phones.

The iPhone X is a great phone and I have really enjoyed my time with it,  but don’t buy it.  Get the IPhone XR.  Getting the XR will have a longer shelf life and is slightly faster the the IPhone X.

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